Pregnancy Constipation: Causes, Tips, and Relief

Whereas the thought of being pregnant might be fairly thrilling, the signs of being pregnant might be uncomfortable. From experiencing morning illness to pelvic ache, many ladies discover themselves wishing they may quick ahead by these points to fulfill their child. One grievance throughout being pregnant might be constipation.

Coming from somebody who was very common earlier than being pregnant, being pregnant constipation might be irritating and uncomfortable. It left me and lots of different girls questioning why this occurs and the right way to relieve it. Right here, we’ll take a look at widespread being pregnant constipation points and coverings.

Constipation is a time period that may imply one thing totally different to everybody, relying on how typically you could have bowel actions. Constipation throughout being pregnant usually refers to rare bowel actions and tough or painful bowel emptying.1 In addition to rare and difficult-to-pass bowel actions, constipation may cause bloating, belly ache, and sluggishness.2

In case you had been used to an everyday stooling schedule pre-pregnancy, you may marvel what causes constipation throughout being pregnant. Many elements contribute to slowed motility by the intestines whereas pregnant.

The hormone progesterone will increase early in being pregnant and stays elevated till supply. Progesterone will increase the time it takes for meals to maneuver by the bowels. The hormone motilin decreases in being pregnant, additional slowing down intestinal motion.1,3

Stool turns into more durable when meals strikes slower as a result of extra water is absorbed as meals sits in your bowels for longer. The more durable the stool turns into, the much less continuously and simply will probably be evacuated.1

Train and physique motion assist to maneuver meals by the digestive system. The fatigue and busyness of being pregnant could make you decelerate and train much less, rising the chance of constipation.3

Many pregnant girls take a prenatal vitamin and are suggested to complement with iron. Does your iron complement trigger constipation? The reply is it’s doable. Iron has been related to slowed intestinal transit time and elevated bloating and constipation.4 Calcium supplementation might also contribute to being pregnant constipation.1

As being pregnant progresses and your uterus grows, it could enhance strain in your bowels and gradual motion. The modifications within the construction and structure of your stomach and intestines throughout being pregnant could contribute to being pregnant constipation.1

Constipation can begin at any level in being pregnant. Some girls expertise it early within the first trimester, whereas others don’t really feel it till later. Some don’t expertise it in any respect.3

The hormone progesterone rises after ovulation, continues to extend, and stays elevated if you happen to change into pregnant. Since progesterone could contribute to constipation, some girls expertise constipation beginning very early in being pregnant.3,5

Nevertheless, the onset of constipation for others could also be later in being pregnant, as your child grows considerably and provides strain inside your stomach. Some girls don’t expertise being pregnant constipation in any respect, and a few could really feel it one week and never the subsequent.3

Whereas constipation can start early in being pregnant and is perhaps linked in some instances, constipation can occur for various causes.

Many causes of constipation should not pregnancy-related, so constipation will not be essentially an indication that you’re pregnant. There are extra particular early being pregnant signs that may signify you’re pregnant. It may be tempting to “symptom-spot” or speculate whether or not you’re pregnant based mostly on bodily signs you’re experiencing, however one of the simplest ways to know for certain in case you are pregnant is to attend till your missed interval after which take a being pregnant take a look at.3

Constipation throughout being pregnant is widespread, with some research reporting over a 3rd of girls experiencing it.1 However simply because constipation is widespread throughout being pregnant doesn’t imply it needs to be ignored.

To forestall being pregnant constipation and get your bowels shifting, there are vitamin, hydration, and train targets it is best to intention to succeed in:

Whereas it may be tough to abdomen sure meals throughout being pregnant, shoot for 25-30 grams of fiber every day from fruits, greens, legumes, and entire grains. Fiber helps to melt stool and transfer it by the intestines. It will possibly assist produce a bowel motion and forestall constipation.3

Your want for water will increase throughout being pregnant, from elevated blood quantity to amniotic fluid manufacturing. You could change into constipated if you don’t enhance your water consumption to fulfill these wants. Goal for 8-12 cups of water per day to forestall constipation throughout being pregnant.3

Whereas being pregnant could make motion harder and uncomfortable, waste is extra prone to accumulate in your intestine when you’re sedentary. Getting 20 to half-hour of average train throughout being pregnant 3 times per week may also help hold issues shifting. You probably have any considerations or doubts, communicate together with your supplier about protected workouts and actions throughout being pregnant.3

Good intestine micro organism assist transfer meals by the digestive system rapidly and effectively. Including a every day probiotic could alter the intestinal flora and enhance intestine motility.1

In case you are feeling determined to have a bowel motion, you is perhaps questioning the right way to relieve constipation throughout being pregnant instantly. Many stool softeners and laxatives can be found over-the-counter. Whereas many medicines are protected for being pregnant, it’s important to watch out, particularly earlier than full time period, as a result of many who stimulate bowel contractions may stimulate uterine contractions. You don’t want to finish up in early labor due to constipation.6

The very best stool softener throughout being pregnant can differ from individual to individual. Most laxatives should not absorbed systemically, that means they keep within the intestine and don’t attain the newborn.1 Nevertheless, your supplier is aware of your medical state of affairs and historical past and may advocate the perfect being pregnant constipation aid. The assorted choices for stool softeners in being pregnant are outlined beneath.

There are various stool softeners and laxative choices throughout being pregnant. It could take some trial and error earlier than you discover a answer that works on your being pregnant constipation. All the time seek the advice of your supplier earlier than beginning any new medicines.

For some folks, bulk-forming brokers or fiber dietary supplements reminiscent of bran or psyllium are efficient at relieving being pregnant constipation. They’re protected to take however can enhance fuel, bloating, and cramping in some girls. Fiber dietary supplements may take as much as three days to work.1 Chia seeds may assist relieve constipation as a result of their excessive fiber content material.7

Stool softeners reminiscent of docusate sodium or Colace enhance your stool’s salt and water content material, making it softer and simpler to cross.1,7 Different substances that soften stool throughout being pregnant embrace magnesium and polyethylene glycol or Miralax. These draw water into the bowels and soften stool, relieving constipation. Nevertheless, extended use of those stool softeners could result in electrolyte imbalance in you or your child.1

Stimulant laxatives act instantly on the nerves and muscle groups of the intestines, inflicting meals to maneuver extra rapidly by. Examples of those embrace bisacodyl or Dulcolax, and senna. These medicines are additionally poorly absorbed and can probably not attain your child. Due to this fact, they’re probably protected for being pregnant however may cause intense intestinal cramping. In some instances, intestinal cramping can irritate the uterus as effectively. They’ll additionally trigger electrolyte imbalance and dependence on the treatment.1 They need to solely be taken at your physician’s advice and just for brief durations.

Castor oil is a laxative that can be identified for inducing labor in overdue pregnancies.8 Whether or not you are attempting to evacuate your bowels or evict your child, excessive warning needs to be used when taking this substance throughout being pregnant.

No. Whereas constipation might be uncomfortable and irritating for you, the rise in belly strain as a result of constipation is not going to damage your rising child.3

Constipation may cause fecal impaction, which could be a extreme complication, however that is uncommon.1 Though your child is protected, you continue to wish to get forward of being pregnant constipation so it doesn’t attain the purpose of hazard. Constipation may trigger anal tears or fissures and may trigger or worsen hemorrhoids.3 Softening your stools and passing them extra simply and continuously can stop these uncomfortable side effects of being pregnant constipation.

Whereas constipation throughout being pregnant is never extreme, you continue to wish to get forward of it for each consolation and security. If fiber, fluids, and motion should not working, speak to your supplier about getting occasional aid from a stool softener or laxative. As you progress by being pregnant, they may also help you discover a steadiness between food plan, train, and drugs that works for you.



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