Order Guide

You can purchase with different methods at listed below:

1. Call: 028 3620 3312 to get consulted and buy

Hotline: 0988 068 520 | 012345 54335

2. Order from website:

Add your chosen product into "Cart". After finishing choosing, you will be proceeded to order confirmation and payment.

There are 4 payment methods:

- Cash on delivery (COD)

- Bank transfer

- Online payment through VNPAY (Visa/Mastercard/ATM)

- Online payment through Paypal

All methods are described in details when payment is being proceeded.

3. Buy at physical stores

All products under Tiniboo brand are distributed at many supermarkets and stores across the country. You can check out Hệ thống cửa hàng to see the closest shop available.

4. Size set 

All detailed sizes are listed at "Information" on each product page. For more information, don't hesitate to calll 028 3620 3312 or email us at info@tiniboo.com.

After receiving your order, we will contact you for confirmation and start deliver!
Happy shopping!