9 Ways To Reduce Swollen Feet During Pregnancy

Having swollen toes throughout being pregnant is a standard discomfort when bringing new life into the world. This “puffy” feeling is regular throughout being pregnant, however a number of efficient methods assist alleviate swelling and make you extra comfy. Let’s discover 9 methods to scale back this being pregnant symptom.

What Causes Swollen Ft Throughout Being pregnant?

Should you discover your toes appear extra swollen than common and your sneakers aren’t fairly becoming whereas pregnant, you aren’t imagining issues. Your physique produces roughly 50% extra blood and physique fluids throughout being pregnant, which helps meet the demand in your rising uterus and creating child.1

All of this progress places stress in your veins, which impairs the return of blood to the center, inflicting swollen toes throughout being pregnant. Areas within the physique, just like the ankles, palms, and fingers, can also swell.2

Further fluid retention is important to calm down and soften the physique to present it room to increase because the child grows and develops. It additionally helps soften the pelvis, permitting the newborn to cross via throughout supply. Further fluid, together with hormone fluctuations, could cause edema in being pregnant and make toes swell.1

Are Swollen Ft Throughout Being pregnant Harmful?

You could surprise when swelling throughout being pregnant ought to be a priority. A specific amount of swelling is okay, however if you happen to discover sudden or extreme swollen toes throughout being pregnant, similar to pitting edema (when an indentation stays for a couple of seconds after urgent your thumb into your pores and skin), or discoloration of your legs, contact your healthcare supplier to rule out extra extreme points like hypertension or preeclampsia.1,3

Whereas swollen toes alone are normally not harmful, name your physician instantly if you happen to discover swelling in a single leg, ache, and tenderness, or pores and skin that’s purple, heat to the contact, or discolored. Pregnant ladies are at an elevated danger for blood clots (deep vein thrombosis), and any signs of 1 should be checked out immediately.4

How To Cut back Swollen Ft Throughout Being pregnant

Think about these 9 suggestions if you happen to really feel uncomfortable or wish to stop swollen toes whereas pregnant.

1. Keep Hydrated

Staying hydrated is likely one of the simplest methods to fight swelling. Consuming loads of water helps flush extra sodium and fluids out of your system, decreasing swelling.5 Drink not less than eight to 10 glasses of water every day.6 Seek the advice of together with your healthcare supplier for particular suggestions based mostly in your private wants.

2. Elevate Your Ft

Elevating your toes is a straightforward but extremely efficient approach to enhance circulation and cut back swelling.7 If the pores and skin of your legs and toes feels tight, prop them up on pillows or a snug chair. Your toes will thanks on the finish of the day! Elevating your toes above your coronary heart permits gravity to assist drain extra fluid out of your legs and make you extra comfy.

3. Put on Compression Stockings

Compression socks for being pregnant present mild stress to assist enhance blood circulation and cut back swelling. Carrying compression socks can alleviate discomfort and assist stop varicose veins in your legs. Compression socks have been very important for serving to me get via lengthy nursing shifts, particularly in a single day. They arrive in numerous compression ranges, so seek the advice of your healthcare supplier to find out which kind fits your wants.8

4. Train

Attempt to get in not less than a couple of minutes of train a day. Low-impact workout routines, like swimming, strolling, and prenatal yoga, can enhance circulation and cut back swelling.9,10 Prenatal yoga can be a wonderful option to cut back stress, enhance sleep, and improve your flexibility, power, and endurance to organize for labor.11 Be certain to seek the advice of your healthcare supplier earlier than beginning any train routine.

Immersing your self in water like a bath or pool or soaking your toes in heat water might help lower edema.12 Use that as an excuse to take a pleasant leisurely tub!

5. Keep away from Extended Sitting or Standing

In case your job requires you to sit down or stand for prolonged intervals, attempt to take quick breaks to stroll round. Inactivity can contribute to swelling since fluid tends to pool within the decrease extremities on account of gravity and staying nonetheless.13 Being pregnant is tiring; all it’s possible you’ll wish to do is lay down and relaxation, however attempt to keep lively to maintain your blood flowing.

6. Restrict Your Salt Consumption

Extreme sodium consumption can result in water retention and worsen swelling.1 Prepackaged and processed meals, canned meals, and chips comprise elevated sodium.14 Select recent entire meals, and season your meals with herbs and spices as an alternative of salt.

Meals that cut back swelling in toes and ankles could embody bananas, candy potatoes, kidney beans, and avocados. These meals improve potassium, which helps to scale back swelling by balancing electrolytes in your physique.10

7. Therapeutic massage

A mild foot and leg therapeutic massage might help stimulate blood movement and excrete fluid and impurities via the kidneys to scale back swelling.10 Strive enlisting your associate to therapeutic massage you, or you should utilize upward strokes to therapeutic massage your toes and calves with a gentle lotion. Splurge on an expert prenatal therapeutic massage every time you’ll be able to to assist relieve being pregnant discomfort and swelling.

8. Put on Comfy Footwear

All of us get to that time in being pregnant the place we’ve got issue placing on our sneakers, and the considered carrying all of them day makes us wince in ache. Selecting comfy, supportive sneakers that present enough arch assist with cushioning to assist take up shock affect can reduce fatigue and discomfort. Weight acquire and posture adjustments in being pregnant can result in overpronation, inflicting pressure in your toes.15

Footwear with a large toe field are the most effective sneakers for being pregnant. They permit for good circulation, particularly when your toes start to swell. Keep away from excessive heels, and go together with low, stable-heel flats.16

9. Sleep on Your Left Aspect

Swelling tends to worsen towards the tip of the day.17 Sleeping in your left facet might help cut back swelling and decrease blood stress by taking the stress off the inferior vena cava, which returns blood from the decrease half of your physique to your coronary heart.18 This straightforward approach of sleeping may decrease your danger of varicose veins and hemorrhoids and improve blood and vitamins to your placenta and child.19

By implementing these 9 methods and residential treatments for swollen toes throughout being pregnant, you’ll be able to considerably cut back discomfort and alleviate the swelling in your toes. Keep in mind to seek the advice of your healthcare supplier earlier than making important adjustments to your routine throughout being pregnant.



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