134 Great Gaelic Baby Names and Their Meanings

When selecting a reputation, dad and mom typically need one thing distinctive. Whereas they’re lovely names, they need one thing that shall be completely different from all of the Avas and Emmas and Owens and Benjamins on the market. One thing that displays a cultural heritage from an entire different continent — a heritage you may hint again a whole bunch, even hundreds, of years. If that sounds such as you, we’ve obtained an inventory you’ll love. And also you would possibly already acknowledge a few of these names — should you communicate Gaelic, that’s.

What Does ‘Gaelic’ Imply?

Gaelic is one among many Celtic languages that goes again to the tenth century, however some nonetheless communicate it immediately. Different Celtic languages embrace Welsh, Cornish, and Irish. Gaelic was the predominant language in Scotland till the 18th century however has been declining ever since. In Eire, nevertheless, Gaelic remains to be a main language, and college students study in public faculties alongside English, making it synonymous with outdated Irish tradition in immediately’s world.1,2

Some Gaelic names are simply recognizable, like Shannon and Cameron. Others are well-known resulting from popular culture — like Fiona (due to Shrek) and Sinéad (all of us keep in mind the singer and activist Sinéad O’Connor). However many of the names on this listing shall be new to you except you might have a powerful Gaelic connection. And the pronunciation of Gaelic names would possibly shock you — like Daithi, a boy’s identify pronounced “Dah-hee,” or Ailbhe, a gender-neutral identify you pronounce as “Alv-ah.”

Most Gaelic names are divided by gender, however not all, and Gaelic center names are exhausting to seek out as the center identify is a contemporary invention. Due to this fact, these days, you’d doubtless select an Irish center identify like Riley or Quinn to match the Gaelic first identify you select to call your little one. (Don’t fear; we included a few of these as effectively.)

20 Gaelic Lady Names

Gaelic woman names are lovely and distinctive, they usually positively stand out. With a child identify like Eabha or Clodagh, your baby could have a reputation not like anybody they know — and also you’ll be honoring your Irish roots.

4. Annag — Stated to be the Scottish Gaelic model of “Anna,” this identify means “sleek,” and also you pronounce it “Ann-ig.”

7. Clodagh — Pronounced “Clo-dah,” this identify’s that means stays unclear. Clodagh turned in style within the nineteenth century when a widely known nobleman named his daughter after the River Clodagh.

14. Iona — Iona is an island in Scotland and is an effective match should you’re trying to identify your little one after a spot with a stunning identify. You pronounce it “I-oh-na.”

15. Iseabail — This identify is the Gaelic model of “Isabel” and means “God is my oath.” You pronounce it “Ish-uh-bel.”

13 Gaelic Boy Names

Searching for a Gaelic boy identify to your latest arrival? We’ve obtained many decisions, together with names like Dáire, which implies “fruitful, fertile, oak tree,” and Rian, which implies “king.”

1. Anrai — Anrai is the Irish model of “Henry.” You pronounce it “Awn-ree,” this identify means “ruler of the house.”

2. Ardan — Right here’s a reputation to your little overachiever. Ardan (“Ar-dawn”) means excessive aspiration or excessive ambition.

3. Artwork — That means “bear” or “champion,” pronounce this identify precisely because it seems to be. And it’s a royal identify, as two well-known excessive kings of Eire had the identify Artwork.

7. Desmond — Folks typically identify infants after a particular place. Desmond is one instance, as it’s the identify of a historic kingdom in Eire. And, this one’s one other straightforward one to say, as you pronounce it, “Des-mond.”

11. Séamus — Stated to be the Irish equal of “James,” this identify means “one who supplants, replaces.” Pronounce Séamus as “Shay-mus.”

5 Gender-Impartial Gaelic Names

Gender-neutral Gaelic names are simply as in style, and with good cause. Who wouldn’t love the identify Kenna, which implies “born of fireplace”? Or the well-known selection Cameron, which implies “crooked nostril”?

2. Ailbhe — You pronounce this identify “Alv-ah.” It has a number of meanings, together with “noble,” “white,” “vivid,” or “rock.”

4. Enda — Enda is an outdated Gaelic identify. In historical Eire, Enda was a warrior-king in Ulster who, across the 12 months 484, established the primary monastery on Arranmore Island in County Donegal. Enda means “like a chook” or “bird-like,” and also you pronounce it “En-dah.”

15 Outdated Gaelic Names for Women

Gaelic tradition goes again centuries, so listed here are some Gaelic names for ladies which have been round for a very long time. If you happen to like names that carry a little bit of historical past, attempt Aisling, which implies “dream or imaginative and prescient,” or Brigid, which implies “energy or exalted one.”

2. Aisling — The identify “Aisling” was a reputation given to a particular style of poetry from the seventeenth and 18th centuries in Eire. You pronounce it “Ash-ling,” and it means “dream” or “imaginative and prescient.”

3. Brigid — The fashionable model being Bridget, this identify means “energy” or “exalted one,” and you’ll hint it again to St. Brigid of Kildare, generally known as “Mary of the Gael.”

4. Bronagh — An older Gaelic identify in style immediately, Bronagh is a contemporary variation of Bronach, the identify of a Sixth-century holy girl who turned the Patron Saint of Kilbroney in County Down. Pronounce the identify “Bro-nah;” it means “unhappy” or “sorrowful.”

6. Daireann — This outdated Gaelic identify means “fruitful” or “fertile” and traces again to Irish mythology. Daireann was an exquisite girl in Irish myths who fell in love with legendary hunter-warrior Fionn MacCool. Pronounce the identify “Dar-awn.”

7. Deirdre — This identify is now not frequent and is linked to Irish folklore. Legend says that Deirdre of the Sorrows tragically died after her companion was cruelly taken from her. “Pricey-dra” means “sorrowful, raging, or worry.”

8. Gormlaith — “Gorm-lee,” this Gaelic identify means “illustrious princess” and was the identify of a number of Irish queens all through historical past.

9. Grainne — A Gaelic identify with countless tales and legends connected to it, Grainne seems many occasions in Irish mythology and historical past. In mythology, Grainne was the daughter of the legendary excessive king, Cormac mac Airt. “Grawn-yah” and means “the solar.”

10. Ide — “Ee-da,” Ide means “thirst.” Ide was the identify of an Irish saint who had a “thirst” for information and promoted schooling.

11. Imogen — This Gaelic identify comes from an Irish legend, and also you pronounce it “Im-o-jen.” It means “maiden” or “daughter.”

12. Muireann — Muireann means “of the ocean” and tells the story of a mermaid. In accordance with legend, the mermaid encountered a saint who remodeled her into a lady. This may very well be a becoming identify should you stay beside the ocean. You pronounce Muireann “Mwur-in.”

13. Niall — That means “passionate” or “champion,” Niall was the identify of a well-known Irish king. You pronounce this identify “Nye-ull.”

14. Orlaith — Orlaith means “golden princess,” and also you pronounce it “Or-lah.” In Irish legend, Orlaith was the sister of Brian Boru, the Excessive King of Eire.

15. Rionach — This identify means “queen,” and also you pronounce it “Ree-in-ock.” Rionach was a part of a well-known household in Irish historical past that dominated for hundreds of years.

16 Outdated Gaelic Names for Boys

Listed here are some outdated Gaelic names for boys which have been round for a whole bunch of years. From well-known outdated Gaelic names like Ciarán, which implies “little dark-haired one,” to extra distinctive decisions like Éibhear, which is claimed to be the Irish model of the identify Harry, you’re positive to seek out an outdated Gaelic identify you like on this listing.

1. Aodhan — Though trendy variations of this identify embrace Aidan and Aedan, Aodhan is an outdated identify derived from the Gaelic identify Aodh. Aodh was the prince of Daoine Sidhe, a supernatural race in Irish mythology. Aodhan is pronounced “A-dun” and means “fiery,” “bringer of fireplace” or “little fireplace.”

2. Ciarán — Pronounced “Keer-awn,” Ciarán means “little dark-haired one” and was the identify of two early Irish saints: Ciarán the Elder and Ciarán the Youthful.

3. Cillian (additionally Kilian or Killian) — Cillian is a standard Gaelic boy’s identify linked to St. Kilian, the Irish missionary to Germany within the seventh century. This identify has a number of meanings, together with “little church,” “strife,” or “bright-headed.” It’s pronounced “Kill-i-an.”

5. Dónal — That is an outdated Gaelic boy’s identify which means “world ruler.” Dónal is pronounced “Doh-nal,” and its modernized model is Donald.

6. Donnacha — Pronounced “Achieved-acka,” Donnacha means “darkish chief.” A well-known excessive king of Eire had this identify.

7. Éibhear — Stated to be the Irish model of the identify “Harry,” Éibhear is pronounced “Ay-ver” and means “sturdy as a boar.”

8. Eógan — That means “noble-born” or “youth,” this identify is pronounced “Oh-en” (like “Owen”) and is a historic identify from Irish mythology.

9. Feargus — Feargus means “sturdy one” or “masculine one” and is pronounced “Fir-gus.” This identify is likely one of the oldest identified Gaelic names, so if you’d like a historic identify, you would possibly contemplate this one.

10. Fiachra — Fiachra is a reputation in “Youngsters of Lir,” a well-known story in Irish folklore. Pronounced “Payment-uh-kra,” this identify means crow or raven.

11. Finten — That means “little honest one” or “white-haired,” Finten is a reputation from Irish mythology as Fintan MacBochra was a shapeshifter who survived the Nice Flood and symbolized information. It’s pronounced simply because it seems to be: “Fin-ten.”

12. Gearoid — This identify means “energy of spear” and hyperlinks again to Irish folklore. Gearoid Iarla, the Third Earl of Desmond, was the chief justice for Eire in 1367 and was identified to dabble in magic. Legend has it that Gearoid Iarla was despatched to stay beneath the traditional Lough Gur in Limerick, the place, each seven years, he rides across the lake on a white horse. Gearoid is pronounced “Gah-rohd.”

13. Lorcan — That means “little fierce one,” this identify is pronounced “Lor-kan” and was the identify of many well-known Irish kings.

14. Oisín — Pronounced “Ush-een,” Oisín means “younger deer” or “fawn” and was the identify of a fantastic poet from Irish mythology. So, should you like poetry (or woodland creatures — or each), this may be a fantastic selection.

15. Oscar — Right here’s one other glorious selection to your nature-loving little one. Oscar is pronounced “Os-kar” and means “good friend of deer.” The origin of the identify “Oscar” goes again to Irish mythology and was the identify of the grandson of the mighty Fionn Mac Cumhaill.

16. Rónán — From the Gaelic phrase Rón, which implies “seal,” this identify originated with a well-known legend a few mom seal that turned trapped on land, married a fisherman, and had little rónáns (seals). She ultimately returned to sea however watched her household from the waves. Pronounced “Row-nan,” this identify is claimed to imply “pledge,” “seal,” and “promising oath.”

4 Conventional Gaelic Names for Women

Conventional names extra your model? We’ve obtained just a few you would possibly like which might be Gaelic. Sile, which implies “heavenly,” is an exquisite selection.

1. Aine – Arguably one of many best-known conventional Gaelic ladies’ names, Aine has roots in Irish mythology, as there was a well-known Irish Celtic goddess with this identify. Pronounced “On-yah,” this identify has many meanings, together with “summer season,” “wealth,” “brightness,” “radiance,” and “pleasure.”

4. Sile – Sile is a standard Gaelic identify typically spelled “Sheila.” Sile means “heavenly” and is pronounced “She-la.”

5 Conventional Gaelic Names for Boys

There are various conventional Gaelic boy names, together with Cormac, which implies “son of the charioteer,” and Jarlath, a well-known Irish priest.

2. Cormac – That means “son of the charioteer,” Cormac is a legendary identify due to the third-century excessive king of Eire, Cormac Mac Airt. It’s pronounced “Kor-mack.”

3. Jarlath – Jarlath (pronounced “Jar-lath”) is a standard Gaelic identify that’s not frequent anymore. St. Jarlath was a well-known Irish priest.

4. Odhrán – This conventional Gaelic identify has a number of meanings, together with “dark-haired” and “pale.” It’s pronounced “Oh-ran.”

4 Gaelic Warrior Names for Women

Do you might have a future fighter in your arms? She wants a badass warrior identify, then! You would possibly contemplate Neala, which implies “champion,” or Sloane, which implies “expedition or raid.”

1. Eimear (additionally spelled Emer) — Emear was the spouse of warrior King Cu Chulainn, and these spellings have developed from her identify. This identify is pronounced “E-mur” and means “swift.”

2. Meabh — Meabh is a fierce Gaelic identify, due to the legendary Queen Medb of Connacht, a formidable warrior with many nice legends tied to her. Pronounced “Might-v” (rhyming with “save”), Meabh means “intoxicating.”

5 Gaelic Warrior Names for Boys

A Gaelic warrior identify is ideal to your baby who will develop as much as conquer the world. We’re keen on Conán, which implies “small little hound or wolf” — however we love all of them.

1. Aengus — This identify is frequent and comes from Irish mythology. Aengus was the identify of a well-known warrior and in addition a Celtic god of affection and poetry. It’s pronounced “Ang-us” and means “one selection” or “one energy.”

2. Anluan — This identify means “champion,” “hero,” or “warrior,” so it comes with a whole lot of expectations. It’s additionally a uncommon identify should you’re searching for one thing much less frequent; pronounce it “An-lon.”

3. Cathal — This identify means “highly effective in battle” and was the identify of a well-known Irish saint. Pronounce it “Ca-hall.”

4. Conán — That means “small little hound or wolf” in Gaelic; this identify is pronounced “Cone-an.” And, this one’s identify should you’ve obtained a courageous little fighter, as Conán mac Lia was one of many mightiest warriors of historical Eire.

5. Fionn — Fionn means “white or “fair-haired” and is pronounced “Payment-on.” This identify may be very well-known as a result of well-known tales of the legendary Irish warrior Fionn Mac Cumhaill. The fashionable model of this identify is Finn.

4 Gaelic Goddess Names

Searching for a reputation match for a goddess? Gaelic mythology offers an countless listing of lovely and highly effective woman names — like Etain, which implies “ardour or jealousy,” and Niamh, which implies “radiance or brightness.”

1. Bebhinn — It’s stated that Bebhinn was a goddess related to delivery, however different tales say she was a goddess of the Underworld. Pronounced “bay-veen,” this identify means “melodious” or “pleasant-sounding girl.”

2. Cliodhna — This identify means “shapely,” and you’ll hint it again to 2 distinctly completely different historic roots. For one, Cliodhna was a member of the Tuatha De Dannan tribe of warriors. But additionally, Cliodhna was a goddess of affection. You pronounce it “Klee-ow-na.”

3. Etain — An outdated Irish identify uncommon immediately, Etain was the identify of a well-known heroine with unmatched magnificence. You pronounce it “Ee-tane,” and it means “ardour” or “jealousy.”

4. Niamh — That means “radiance or brightness,” this identify comes from Irish mythology. Niamh, the daughter of Manannan, the god of the ocean, is pronounced “Nee-v” (rhyming with “Steve”).

7 In style Names for Women

Listed here are some in style Gaelic names for ladies that pay homage to Irish ancestry however aren’t as uncommon as others on our listing. Everyone knows the identify Fiona due to Princess Fiona in “Shrek.”

1. Fiadh — Probably the most in style names for ladies in modern-day Eire, this identify is pronounced “Payment-ahh” and has a number of meanings, together with “deer,” “wild,” and “respect.”

2. Fiona — Because of Princess Fiona in Shrek and the well-known singer Fiona Apple, this identify has been extremely popular over time. It means “honest” or “white.”

3. Sadhbh — This can be a in style Gaelic woman’s identify, additionally present in historical past and mythology. A number of actual and legendary princesses have had this identify. Sadhbh is pronounced “Sigh-ve” (rhyming with “hive”), and it means “candy and wonderful girl” or “goodness.”

5. Shannon — Shannon is one other in style identify with Gaelic roots. It means “Irish river” or “outdated river,” because the River Shannon is known in Eire. It’s pronounced as you’d anticipate: “Shan-on.”

3 In style Names for Boys

And, after all, we’ve obtained in style Gaelic names for boys, too! Everyone knows the names Brian, Conor, and Liam — however do you know they’d Gaelic roots?

1. Brian — This identify turned one of the in style Gaelic boys’ names resulting from Brian Boru, a historic excessive king of Eire. Pronounced “Bry-an,” this identify means “excessive” or “noble.”

2. Conor — An important selection for an animal lover, because it means “lover of wolves and hounds,” this identify is likely one of the hottest boys’ names in and out of doors of Eire. And, it’s straightforward to pronounce — “Con-er.”

3. Liam — This frequent trendy identify stems from the outdated Gaelic identify Uilliam and means “guardian” or “helmet of will.” Pronounce it “Lee-um.”

12 Fairly Gaelic Names

Take into account these choices should you’re hoping for a Gaelic identify that’s as fairly because the baby in your arms. Cadhla is a stunning selection, that means “lovely and sleek,” and Aoife, that means “lovely and radiant.”

1. Aoibhe — You pronounce this identify “Ee-vah” or “Ave-ah,” relying on the individual, and it means “magnificence” or “life.”

5. Cadhla — This can be a distinctive Gaelic feminine identify you pronounce as “Kay-la.” It means “lovely” or “sleek,” making it a stunning selection to your baby.

7. Iseult — Iseult was an Irish princess and means “she who’s gazed upon.” You pronounce it “Eesh-ult.”

Center Names

Center names are a comparatively new concept, coming into use inside the previous couple hundred years within the Western world. Which means historical cultures that spoke Gaelic as their main language didn’t use center names, however Irish households immediately typically do. Because of this, we’ve included some in style Irish center names of the twenty first century (that aren’t essentially of Gaelic origin).

11 Irish Center Names for Boys

Listed here are some Irish center names, like Jamie, Lee, and Oliver, that will match between any first and final identify completely.

10 Irish Center Names for Women

If you happen to’re trying to find an Irish center identify for ladies, how a few frequent identify like Kelly, which implies “bright-headed”? Or Allie, which implies “mild or vivid one”?

6. Kerrie — Additionally typically spelled “Kerry,” this identify pertains to a spot, because it derives from the Irish county of Ciarraighe.

10. Shauna — That means “god is gracious,” Shauna is a becoming selection for a woman’s center identify.

Gaelic names are historic and replicate the great thing about an outdated language. From names you’ve heard of, like Deirdre or Liam, to names you might have by no means seen earlier than, like Liobhan or Niamh, there are countless decisions for first or center names of Gaelic origin. And you’ll find names that imply mild or treasured (like Caoimhe) or warrior names like Aengus or Cathal on the opposite finish of the spectrum. No matter that means you’re hoping for, if it’s Gaelic you need, this listing doubtless has it. Pleased naming!



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